Haven’t had time to shop for a holiday gift for the geek on your list? Never fear – IDRI scientists have stepped in again to help you find the perfect present for your favorite geek. We’re pleased to share with your our 5th annual Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

Alyssa Manning says “These tops are awesome!” They are made of many different pure metals (when possible) and are all exactly the same size and shape. “Great way to have fun with density!”

rocksforbrainsTo keep things local, Julie Early suggests Rocks for Brains, which focuses on broadening the appreciation of geology in the Pacific Northwest through “whimsical and functional pieces of art.”

Linda Hawkins offers up something that is perfect for those with Einstein-like hair: hair chalk! “Hair chalk is not just for the kiddies and pre-teens, but also for those science nerds who want to complete their look,” said Linda. “All colors are available to match or contrast those snarky lab coats or fashionable safety glasses.”

“I can’t wait to read this,” says Tanya Parish, referring to New York Times bestseller “I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life” by Ed Yong. The book is touted as a “groundbreaking marvelously informative “microbe’s-eye view” of the world.”

Brain Specimen Coasters make the perfect gift says Zach Sagawa, who purchased a set for a pathologist friend. The coasters are like microscope slides of a brain; when put together, they stack up into a whole brain.

Allie Carscadden pointed out that Seattle is now home to a ThinkGeek store, which has perfect gifts for every geek on your holiday shopping list. Northgate Mall is home to the first ThinkGeek store in the western part of the U.S. Maybe that says something about our high concentration of geeks in Seattle!

For those geeks who like to cook, Elyse Beebe has two suggestions: salt and pepper shakers that look like lab flasks and a glass spice tube set.

For more great geeky gift ideas, check out Forbes Holiday 2016: Gifts for Geeks, CBS News’ 10 Cool Holiday Gifts for the Geeks on Your List  (Quidditch robe or Tribble slippers, anyone?) or TechCrunch’s 13 Awesome Gifts for the Geek Guys and Gals in Your Life.