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About IDRI

Devastating infectious diseases cause suffering and death for millions of people around the globe. For many years, most of the investment in addressing these global health challenges was focused on basic disease research, while nearly all product development efforts were focused on larger markets in the developed world.

At IDRI, we are the bridge between knowledge and action. We combine our passion for improving human health with the understanding that it is not just what we know about disease, but what we do to change its course that will have the greatest impact. Developing products that solve intractable global health challenges is what we do, and we have a track record of doing it successfully. Our unique product-based approach to fighting infectious diseases has already yielded novel diagnostics, vaccines, and treatment strategies that are protecting and saving lives.

With deep relationships in the academic and corporate arenas, IDRI unites the best of the research and product development communities. Our partnerships with businesses, nonprofit foundations, and government agencies give us unprecedented access to cutting-edge technology and financial support.

We believe our holistic approach - combining the high-quality science of a research organization with the product development capabilities of a biotech company - will help us reach our goal of creating new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines to help those who need it most.

Message from our Founder

As an undergraduate, I had an advisor who worked on infectious diseases in Central America. Through my work with him I became aware of the tremendous global health challenges posed by infectious diseases, and the equally substantial opportunities to make a difference in millions of lives by developing solutions to these challenges. I haven't looked back since.

I established IDRI in 1993 in order to apply advances in immunology to the development of novel diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutic products that could transform the lives of the millions of people at risk for infectious diseases throughout the developing world. As a scientist with experience in both the academic and biotechnology arenas, I wanted to build an institution that combined the high quality science of a research organization with the product development and production capabilities of a biotechnology company.

Since our inception we have attracted a dedicated team of scientists who have keen minds, compassionate hearts, and entrepreneurial spirits. Together, we have created a unique institution that has the flexibility to collaborate with a diverse group of partners, including leading life science companies, research centers, universities, government organizations, and NGOs. This collaborative approach brings disparate resources together to solve difficult global health challenges.

Today, we are focused on eradicating tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, leprosy, malaria, and Chagas Disease. As the global health arena evolves, our commitment to improving human health and our pragmatic focus on products should enable us to continue translating science into global health solutions.

IDRI was founded to develop products that save lives, and I'm proud of what we have already done to achieve that goal. The diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutic approaches that we have enabled have made a difference in millions of lives. We remain committed to helping millions more.


Steven G. Reed
Founder, President, & Chief Scientific Officer
Infectious Disease Research Institute

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