After more than 20 years, IDRI has concrete progress to report: diagnostics on the market, vaccines in clinical trials, and drugs being discovered and in development.

  • More than 13 million diagnostics, using IDRI technology, are on the market for leishmaniasis, Chagas disease and leprosy.
  • IDRI has vaccines in clinical trials, including a promising tuberculosis candidate currently in trials in South Africa, which has one of the world’s largest burdens of TB. To date, IDRI has conducted 10 trials for leishmaniasis vaccine candidates; 3 trials for tuberculosis vaccine candidates; and 1 trial for a pandemic flu vaccine candidate.
  • IDRI scientists have screened over 500,000 chemical compounds, feeding a pipeline of new drugs for tuberculosis.


As a leading global health research and product development organization, IDRI – and its people – is often recognized for its efforts.

DSC_0380The Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) selected Steve Reed as the recipient of its 2016 Award for Impact. This award recognizes a creative and inspirational leader dedicated to solving global health inequity with a commitment to building partnerships in Washington state as well as on the global stage. In selecting Dr. Reed, judges commented that he “doesn’t shy away from the tough, complicated diseases.”

In 2015, IDRI’s Chris Fox was selected as the “Rising Leader” by the WGHA. The Rising Leader award recognizes a creative and inspirational leader under the age of 40 who is dedicated to solving global health inequity while partnering with other individuals and organizations.

In 2014, Rhea Coler, was named as a recipient of the “Women to Watch in Life Science” Award, presented by the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association. The award recognizes women “who are thought leaders in their fields and shaping the future of their industries.”

Also in 2014, IDRI received the inaugural Outstanding Global Health Organization award, presented by the WGHA. Recognizing a Washington state-based organization making an exceptional impact in improving global health equity, IDRI was selected for “its innovative approach to scientific solutions and its leadership’s commitment to partnership and training young scientists.”