It seems with each passing year, the globe is confronted with another fast moving, hard to contain infectious disease.  This year, the headlines were about Zika. And in recent years we have had to confront the scourge of chikungunya and Ebola.

No matter the headlines or the editorial judgment of traditional or digital media, we at IDRI have an obligation to keep our focus on our mission.

To us, that means gearing up to quickly take on the diseases that are top of mind, like Zika, that impact the quality of life of innocent people , while also keeping our work steadfastly focused on diseases that have been around for hundreds of years and are among the world’s biggest killers. These range from tuberculosis, which just last year surpassed HIV as the world number one killer due to infectious disease, to neglected diseases, including leprosy and leishmaniasis that cause people – particularly women and children – to be shunned by their families and communities.

How does IDRI attack these different diseases?

  • Through platform technologies that can be used uniformly across the board – no matter the disease.
  • Through rapid response using our technologies where there are outbreaks.
  • Though technology transfer and training in countries where infectious diseases are most prevalent.

IDRI’s strength lies in its ability to innovate for the health of the world and focus on geographic areas where our work has the greatest impact.

Please enjoy reading more about what IDRI has accomplished over the past year and our plans for the future. Thank you for your support during another year of progress here at IDRI.

Steven G. Reed, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Bruce Carter, Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Directors