Bike Everywhere Month—the new, more ambitious Bike to Work Month—is now under way with IDRI riding along. We’ve kicked off May 2016 with a bike safety seminar and discussion of safe routes, along with a breakfast rally to get us on our bikes. On May 20, we’ll host a Bike Anywhere Day “Celebration Station,” so stop by 1616 Eastlake for some snacks and swag.

Last year, IDRI riders placed 89th out of 1,048 organizations for total number of bike trips, which is quite an impressive feat given our small size and the hearty competition! We logged 600 bike trips, totaling 3,249 miles. We saved 2,859 pound of CO2 from being emitted from our cars, and burned a collective 159,204 calories (or nearly 1,129 cans of Rainier beer!).

And I think this year we can do even better. While IDRI’s goal is to improve the health of the world by stopping deadly infectious diseases, biking is one what that all of us can improve our own health – one trip at a time. We invite you to come along for the ride!

The weather’s changing, the days are getting longer and there are more bike lanes than ever—so hop on your bikes! It’s easy to replace part or all of your commute with biking, and depending on where you live, even cut down on your transit time. It’s also perfectly acceptable, even encouraged to drive/bus part of the way and finish on your bike.

There are plenty of people who already ride to work from all over the city, so finding a partner to ride in with shouldn’t be a challenge, either.  This month is fun and casual: it’s about doing your personal best, so there’s no pressure for distance, speed, or even number of days ridden (although a bit of friendly competition never hurts).  Plus, given this year’s added scope, replacing any fossil fuel powered trip, on any day, will count towards team goals.

What are you doing for Bike Anywhere Month? Our challenge: get out and bike anywhere!