Amyris and IDRI Announce Agreement to Explore Testing and Development of Amyris Materials for Use in Vaccine Adjuvant Formulations

September 9th, 2015|Press Releases|

EMERYVILLE, Calif. and SEATTLE, Wash. (September 9, 2015) Amyris, Inc. (Nasdaq:AMRS), the industrial bioscience company, and IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute), a Seattle-based non-profit research organization that uses biotechnology to create new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines, today announced an [...]

IDRI’s Tanya Parish Appointed to New Positions

July 21st, 2015|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | July 21, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, July 21, 2015: Tanya Parish, Ph.D., Vice President of Drug Discovery, for IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute) has been appointed to two prestigious positions: Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal [...]

IDRI Announces $4M BARDA Cooperative Agreement to Establish Adjuvant Hub

February 19th, 2015|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | February 19, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, Feb. 19, 2015: The international outbreak of Ebola in 2014 serves as a reminder for the need to be proactive in preparing for the rapid spread of any newly [...]

IDRI Expands Board of Directors, Names New Board Chair

January 8th, 2015|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | January 8, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, January 8, 2015: IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute) is expanding its Board of Directors, comprised of international leaders in industry and academia, with the recent addition of Bruce L.A. [...]

IDRI Expands Board of Directors, Adding Vaccine Development Expertise

December 16th, 2014|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | December 16, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, Dec. 16, 2014: A consultant for the international vaccine community who has had a long career in research and development, Michel De Wilde, Ph.D., has joined the IDRI (Infectious [...]

IDRI Announces $11.9M Contract to Develop Thermostable TB Vaccine

November 19th, 2014|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | November 19, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, Nov. 19, 2014: With the goal of developing a thermostable tuberculosis vaccine that is resistant to damage from excessive heat or cold, IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute) today announces [...]

IDRI Named Outstanding Global Health Organization by WGHA

August 25th, 2014|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | August 25, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, Aug. 25, 2014: IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute) has been named as the recipient of the inaugural Outstanding Global Health Organization award, presented by the Washington Global Health Alliance [...]

IDRI’s Rhea Coler Recognized as Recipient of “Women to Watch in Life Science” Award

June 10th, 2014|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | June 10, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, March 24, 2014: Rhea Coler, Ph.D., Vice President of Preclinical Biology for IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute), has been named as a recipient of the “Women to Watch in [...]

IDRI Receives $3.4M Grant Extension for TB Drug Discovery

March 24th, 2014|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | March 24, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEATTLE, March 24, 2014: IDRI's drug discovery efforts continue to grow with a recently awarded grant extension of $3.4 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The additional funding [...]

IDRI Announces Evolution of Leadership Roles

December 19th, 2013|Press Releases|

Seattle, WA | December 19, 2013 As IDRI’s 20th year comes to a productive close with diagnostics on the market, vaccines in clinical trials, and drugs being discovered for the world’s most devastating infectious diseases, the organization today announced [...]

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