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Description: Sample College Image The development of diagnostics for some of the world's most neglected, but burdensome infectious diseases is an important part of our research activities. We have a long history in diagnostics development and maintain multiple ongoing programs. The common goal of these development programs is to enable ready access to low-cost diagnostic products that are easy to use and stable for long periods despite the extreme environmental conditions characteristic of endemic regions, including parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The diagnostic products should also provide a rapid readout suitable for use at the point of care or in the regional clinic. We envision such tests to be vital in both widespread treatment programs as well as future efforts to eradicate diseases within specific geographic regions.

Our current focus is the development of tests for antibody detection. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body's immune system against specific foreign molecules of invading bacteria and viruses. The function of these antibodies is to neutralize these pathogenic organisms, and for this to happen successfully they must bind very specifically with the pathogen molecules. Thus, the presence of specific antibodies within a person indicates that he or she has been infected by one of these pathogens. Detecting these pathogen-specific antibodies as early as possible is critical for determining the most appropriate treatment regimen. We and our manufacturing partners have shown through extensive testing that antibody-detection tests can be produced that are: highly specific to targeted antibodies, highly sensitive in order to identify infection early, and can be produced at a low cost per unit so as to make them accessible to all people who need them.

As a not-for-profit organization, we are able to supply our commercial partners with the inexpensive, high-quality, and unique molecules that are critically important to the manufacture and marketing of low-cost and accurate diagnostic tests. Currently, our reagents are available for license against visceral leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease. Diagnostic products using these reagents are already being used in several countries. IDRI is working diligently to develop additional diagnostic tests — including ones to confirm cases of leprosy, tuberculosis, and African visceral leishmaniasis — as well as to develop new diagnostic approaches and platforms that will make them as effective and as affordable as possible.

To obtain our proprietary reagents under a material transfer agreement or to learn more about obtaining a commercial license to one of our reagents, write us at, or complete the form below. To discuss a potential collaboration, please contact us at

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