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In 2013, IDRI moved into a state-of-the-art facility in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, joining the growing global health/life sciences hub in the area, occupying approximately 55,000 square feet.

The new facility allowed IDRI to consolidate its research, development and translational science programs into a contiguous laboratory space, which in turn promotes both collaboration and communication internally.

Environment for Collaboration

Previously, IDRI’s rapidly growing number of staff was spread across three floors of a two-building complex, making conditions for teamwork within the Institute an increasing challenge. IDRI’s current facility has united almost all science onto one floor, creating a more conducive environment for collaboration, training and innovation. The majority of the new space contains general laboratory facilities, as well as specialized spaces such as a GMP manufacturing suite, rooms for drug discovery robotics and IDRI’s new Human Immune Monitoring Center.

The space was also designed with the public in mind, featuring interactive tour stops throughout the lab space that use technology to underscore IDRI's work in developing vaccines, drugs and diagnostics, as well as large built-in windows to showcase IDRI's specialized facilities, including manufacturing.

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