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Our Team

Board of Directors

Bruce Carter, PhD

Gail Cassell, PhD

Michel DeWilde, PhD

Christopher Hentschel, PhD

Erik Iverson, JD, LLM

David Perry, MBA
Executive Committee Member

Franklyn G. Prendergast, MD, PhD
Executive Committee Member

Massimo Radaelli, PhD

Steven G. Reed, PhD

Executive Leadership


Christopher Antony
Vice President,
Environmental Health & Safety Officer

R. Douglas Bradley, PhD, JD
General Counsel
and Secretary

Anna Marie Beckmann, PhD
Vice President,
Development & Regulatory

Darrick Carter, PhD
Vice President,
Adjuvant Technology

Gail Cassell, PhD
Executive Vice President,
TB Drug Development

Rhea N. Coler, PhD
Vice President,
Preclinical Biology

Erik H. Iverson, JD, LLM
President, Business & Operations

Christopher Fox, PhD
Director, Formulations

Rob Lin, PhD, CFA
Vice President, Finance

Tanya Parish, PhD
Vice President,
Drug Discovery

Steven G. Reed, PhD
Founder, President, &
Chief Scientific Officer

Winston Wicomb, PhD, LATG
Director, Vivarium

Thomas Vedvick, PhD
Vice President, Formulation and Process Development

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