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"With years of experience in vaccine research and product development, IDRI has proven to be an excellent partner. Our collaboration has the potential for significant economic and social benefit."

Sanjay Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals

Our Programs

Our portfolio of programs comprises diseases that kill more than six million adults and children each year. These diseases have different etiologies, symptoms, global footprints, and challenges. Despite these diverse challenges, we have a singular goal for each program: developing diagnostic tests, vaccines, and therapeutic products that save lives and improve health outcomes.

Making a Difference: Tuberculosis

Description: Sample College Image IDRI was instrumental in the discovery and early evaluation of the first protein-based TB vaccine candidate. Even as this vaccine candidate continues to advance through the development process, our team is working on a next-generation vaccine that could prevent and potentially treat multi drug-resistant TB.

In addition to our vaccine program, we also are focused on developing a rapid and effective TB diagnostic test. Our efforts in this area are supported by our expansive collection of TB antigens — the world's largest. We also acquired exclusive rights to MicronJet, an intradermal delivery system that enables improved tuberculin skin testing. With our partner, Chembio, we have developed a prototype diagnostic test that rapidly detects active TB and would provide significant advantages over current diagnostic methods.

Our commitment to discovering and developing new TB therapies extends beyond our participation in the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative. We have built a state-of-the-art assay development, screening, and chemistry group to support our in-house discovery activities and also have in-licensed several promising mid-stage TB drug candidates.

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