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IDRI is a new kind of global health nonprofit, taking a comprehensive approach to solving infectious disease by combining the high quality science of a research organization with the product development focus and capabilities of a biotechnology company.

Our portfolio of programs comprises diseases that kill millions of adults and children each year, while incapacitating millions more. These diseases have different etiologies, symptoms, global footprints and challenges. Despite these diverse challenges, we have a singular goal for each program: developing diagnostics, drugs and vaccines that save lives, improve health and relieve economic burdens.

Tuberculosis, leishmaniasis and leprosy are the core diseases on which we focus, but our expertise in adjuvant development and formulation extend our reach through partnerships to work on a range of diseases, including malaria, pandemic influenza, Chagas disease, hookworm, shistosomiasis, HIV/AIDS and diseases that are emerging in the developed world, such as chikungunya and West Nile virus.

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