At IDRI, we’re never afraid of a challenge — whether it’s tackling infectious diseases or biking to work. Once again, IDRI isDSC_0711 fielding teams for the Bike to Work challenge; we are small but mighty in comparison to some of the area’s large employers!

Last year, IDRI riders pedaled 195 one way trips for 3,096 miles and commuted in by bike 70.8% of work days in May. This roughly equates to 151,719 calories burned, or 1,076 cans of Rainier beer. By not driving to work every day, we saved 3,033 pounds of CO2 from going into the air. If you figure the average car gets 23 miles per gallon and gas was about $3.90 a gallon, we saved 134 gallons of fuel and about $525. Not bad, I’d say.

Even though gas is cheaper this year, that hasn’t kept three teams of IDRI bikers from jumping on our bikes this month. We realize how easy it is to replace some or all of our commutes with biking (especially when driving or bussing part of the way still counts). Enough people ride here at IDRI, so it’s pretty easy to find a buddy to commute with.

Many of us at IDRI will be pedaling in on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 15, and we hope you will too. You might even see some of our IDRI bike riders out on the streets wearing their Vaccinator T-shirts! In front of 1616 Eastlake, look for the big white tent  from 6-9 a.m. where IDRI employees (non-riders who are doing their part to support!) will host a bike stop for the third year in a row. Our neighbors, Grand Central Bakery (which will be giving out free baguettes) and Salal Credit Union (offering giveaways) will join us. Stop by, take a quick break, pick up an IDRI wristband and say hello!

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