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Description: Sample College Image Vaccines have been used for decades to boost immunity and protect against serious diseases. At IDRI, we have developing innovative vaccines against serious and deadly infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, and leprosy. Our goal is to produce safe, efficacious, and low-cost vaccines for endemic countries. In addition, we are also working to effectively transfer our vaccine technology to developing countries to better serve those in need.

Our vaccines are made up of to two primary components: an antigen and an adjuvant. Antigens are substances that promote an immune response when introduced into the body. Our antigens are comprised of specific proteins, selected based on their ability to illicit an immune response to the pathogen and later combined as fusion proteins with our novel adjuvants. Adjuvants are substances added to vaccines to help boost antigen effectiveness. With our large library of adjuvant formulations, we have been able to select the optimal antigen and adjuvant combination for each vaccine in our product pipeline. In addition, we provide adjuvants to others for incorporation into their vaccine candidate products.

Currently, we have a lead candidate vaccine in development for each of our three in-house vaccine programs.

In addition, to vaccine development, IDRI has launched efforts with collaborators around the world to develop state of the art manufacturing facilities in targeted areas in order to serve the millions of people at risk of contracting neglected infectious diseases. Our hope is to create vaccines that are accessible to all.

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