Seattle, WA | August 28, 2012

Donations to non-profit organizations take a variety of forms – time, money, expertise. But, IDRI’s long-time partner and funder, Eli Lilly and Company, recently made a donation to IDRI that is very near and dear to the heart of a scientist: equipment.

A truck loaded with pallets of scientific equipment – valued at more than $600,000 – arrived at IDRI in late July. While IDRI scientists had been planning for the equipment arrival and considering how best to use it to move IDRI’s work forward, the feeling was much like the proverbial “kid in a candy store” as they helped unload and took inventory.

“Lilly’s generosity to IDRI is so appreciated and, through it, we are able to move our programs ahead in ways that will benefit a vast number of people throughout the world,” said Stewart Parker, CEO of IDRI.

”We are very pleased to support IDRI’s efforts, especially since they are such good collaborators,” said Phil Hipskind, Senior Research Fellow at Eli Lilly. “We realize that corporate responsibility goes beyond just philanthropic donations into sharing scientific expertise and, in this case, equipment. I have no doubt that IDRI scientists will put this equipment to great use to enable their research and development efforts.”

Lilly and IDRI have a long-standing relationship. In November 2011, Lilly awarded more than $4 million in additional funding to support IDRI’s continued early phase drug discovery research. And, IDRI is a member of the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative, a unique public-private partnership founded in 2007.

“We are very grateful for this additional donation to our program and for the continued support from Lilly as part of the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative,” said Tanya Parish, IDRI’s Vice President of Drug Discovery. David Roberts, Scientific Operations Manager, who works with Parish in the TB Drug Discovery program at IDRI, added, “The donation of equipment from Lilly will increase the effectiveness of our drug discovery research program and facilitate our aim of finding new drugs to treat tuberculosis.”

While Lilly’s generous equipment donation will certainly benefit IDRI’s TB program, it will also be put to good use throughout the organization to support IDRI’s efforts to develop diagnostics and vaccines for a rang
e of deadly diseases – from leishmaniasis to leprosy.

“We are very appreciative of the generous donation of equipment by Lilly, such as liquid handling robots,” said Allen Casey, Systems Specialist/Technologist. “We look forward to using the instrumentation for studies to further our goals of finding new solutions, including diagnostics, to conquer neglected diseases.”

Chris Fox, Scientist II, who works in IDRI’s adjuvant program, added, “This timely equipment donation from Lilly will support and expand our vaccine adjuvant formulation characterization capabilities.”



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