pioneeringwomenThe global health community in Washington state is filled with women who serve in all sorts of roles – from leading companies to leading labs to leading the administrative services that support research.

There is a particular group of women, the Pioneering Women, who have been brought together by the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA), and I’m proud to be a charter member of this inspiring group. We drink wine, discuss our work and support the next generation of women in global health and life sciences.  And every year, at WGHA’s annual event, we put together an auction item that features wine and books. Each bottle of wine and book come with a handwritten note about why it was handpicked by the donor.

This year’s the book selection was interesting and eclectic – so much so that there were requests for the list of books. In the spirit of finding a good book to read during the holiday season, I’m sharing here for your enjoyment.

Happy holiday reading!