In order to reduce the burden of infectious disease – which ranges from death to illness to economic instability – new tools are needed for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. At IDRI, we are uniquely positioned to transform candidate vaccines, diagnostics and drugs into viable tools to control diseases of global importance. We have proven experience in translating late-stage research through the development pathway, as well as leveraging commercial partnerships to get products on the market.


  • ADJUVANTS: IDRI has developed multiple adjuvants formulations, for use in our own products as well as for use by collaborators working in various disease areas spanning preclinical studies and clinical trials.
  • DIAGNOSTICS: More than 13 million diagnostics using IDRI technology are on the market for leishmaniasis, Chagas disease and leprosy.
  • VACCINES: IDRI has vaccines in clinical trials, including a promising tuberculosis candidate that was successfully tested in the U.S. before moving into clinical trials in South Africa, which are currently under way. We have conducted 11 trials for leishmaniasis vaccine, 3 trials for TB vaccine and 1 trial for pandemic flu.
  • DRUGS: IDRI scientists have screened over 500,000 chemical compounds, feeding a pipeline of new drugs for tuberculosis.